Scott S. Markus, Esq. – Testimonials

I was impressed with him from the first mediation contact through the reaching of a full agreement in a complex matter with multiple parties and attorneys. In the course of a two and a half day mediation, he deftly and relentlessly guided everyone from their initial adversarial positions to a place where they were able to make a deal in their mutual best interests. As a trained and experienced mediator myself, I appreciate how his skills and experience made a difficult job look easy. I would not hesitate to use him again.

I represented the plaintiffs. Although the defendants had requested mediation, it became apparent early on that they had no intention of making a serious attempt to settle the matter, stating that they needed more discovery before they could do so. Scott shut down the mediation so as not to waste time and gave us credit to come back after more discovery was done. The case settled on the second session. There was little movement initially. Scott came up with some innovative ideas to get both sides to compromise. He also separated the decision makers from the obstructionists to make the settlement dialogue productive.

Scott is an extremely hardworking and talented mediator. He is very creative in getting both sides to an agreement by first and foremost making sure that everyone realizes a) it is, and always will be, a business decision and b) there is or should be, for a variety of reasons including (a) above, always a number that everyone can agree to and c) if there isn’t, trial is and should be an option for everyone who doesn’t agree with (a) and (b). He has mediated a number of cases for me and while not all have settled I’m not blaming him for that, for sure.

Scott Markus worked tirelessly with many difficult personalities, using every tool known to mediation, and some he invented on the spot, to get the deal done. He is masterful.

Scott will be fully prepared with the facts and legal issues of the case before mediation begins, and works hard to achieve a reasonable settlement that is fair for each side. He’ll also continue to work for a resolution after the mediation concludes. I would highly recommend Scott for future use.

Scott continued to work with us to resolve the case after mediation. He was available over the weekend and resolved our case!

Scott was instrumental in forging a resolution of a partnership dissolution among attorneys. He worked tirelessly to get the job done. I will engage his services again in the future!

Scott is great. He conducts pre-mediation telephone conferences and enters the mediation process ready to go! Quick study and is great at getting cases resolved. Thanks Scott.

Scott did a great job of settling a difficult case. His patience and understanding of the issues was excellent. I would not hesitate to mediate any case with him in the future.

My experience with Scott over the years has been consistently top notch. He has a skill set and ability to move on the fly unlike other Mediators. He is undoubtedly the one Mediator you take your tough case to so as to ensure the best shot at resolution. Some people tend to get hung up on expense and while we all watch out bottom line, Scott is no exception to the adage of “you get what you pay for.” I’ve found him to be exceedingly cost effective when one considers the alternate litigation costs and his 1/2 or full day billing ensures he’s available, committed and not looking to slow the process until the extra, over-time charges kick in. If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy his skill, give it a shot – you’ll wonder why it took you so long and never look back. I was sold the first time when Scott was suggested by opposing counsel. The Plaintiff was a peculiar and unique in ways one can only imagine. I watched Scott switch gears and hit the issues from various ways, transforming an impenetrable mess into settlement. My second mediation with Scott had so many parallel issues, it was like a Kafka novel with prime time Peyton Place issues. We enjoyed divorcing spouses, out of state parties, a bankrupt insurance carrier, high damages and more issues than I frequently see in five cases combined. It took us until very late in the evening and never once did I ever see Scott slow down, or lose his intense focus all while remaining collegial and accommodating. He’s a consummate professional with an incredible depth of skills and passion for his work. This was my opinion almost ten years ago and it has not changed.

Scott fully understood both the strengths and weaknesses of the parties’ positions, but also the nuances involved and the personalities of the participants. His insights and patience enabled the parties to overcome their hostility and reach a settlement.

Mr. Markus dedicated himself to help resolve a complex and exceptionally emotional matter. His thoughtful but direct approach in addressing the factual and legal issues, along with his creative and expert negotiating tactics, were instrumental in bringing the parties to a resolution.

Scott did an excellent job. I appreciated his attempts to speak with counsel prior to the day of mediation. He was diligent and successfully resolved a very complex case.